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Robert Azdajic

In the heart of Canberra, amidst the whispering pines and festive lights, lies a place where the spirit of Christmas comes alive – Christmas Park. Conceived from the compassionate hearts of Robert Azdajic and his daughter Ruzica Azdajic in 2022, this enchanting charity event stands as a beacon of hope, love, and community support during the holiday season. Born from Ruzica’s profound empathy and her desire to bring solace to families facing hardships, Christmas Park has swiftly become a cherished local tradition, embodying the true essence of Christmas.

The story of Christmas Park began with a simple, yet powerful, wish – to light up the lives of those in need during a time of year that speaks of joy, giving, and togetherness. It was Ruzica’s encounter with the story of a family enveloped in tragedy during the festive season that sparked a flame of charity in her young heart. This flame grew into a towering beacon, represented by the magnificent 17 meters high Christmas tree that graces the center of Christmas Park, surrounded by about 400 smaller trees, each sponsored by families and businesses, all united in the cause of goodwill.

Under the stewardship of Robert and Ruzica, what started as a quaint village gathering has blossomed into an annual celebration that draws the Canberra community together in a shared mission to support local families navigating through tough times. This transformation from a modest event to a pivotal annual celebration underscores their unwavering dedication to fostering a sense of belonging, warmth, and support within the community.

As the calendar turns to December, Christmas Park becomes a wonderland of joy, from the 13th to the 21st, open nightly from 6 pm to 11:30 pm. Families are welcomed into a world aglow with twinkling lights, where laughter and music fill the air, and the scent of festive treats from food vans, ice creams, candy floss, and warm drinks weave through the crisp evening breeze. At this alcohol-free event, the essence of family-friendly fun is captured in every corner, with special appearances by Santa himself, offering unforgettable photo opportunities and magical moments for the little ones.

More than just a celebration of the season, Christmas Park is a heartfelt invitation to come together as a community, to share in the joy of giving and to extend a hand to those among us in need. The proceeds from this magical event support St. Anthony’s Bread Charity, ensuring that the light of Christmas shines brightly in the lives of families who need it most.

Join us at Christmas Park, where every tree tells a story of generosity, every light a tale of hope, and every moment spent together strengthens the bonds of our community. Here, amidst the joy and splendor of the holiday season, we not only celebrate the spirit of Christmas but embody it, making a lasting difference in the lives of families across Canberra. Together, let’s make this season a reflection of the love, kindness, and community spirit that defines us.
Join Us in Making a Difference

Embrace the spirit of the season with us at Christmas Park, where your presence lights up not just the park, but hearts across Canberra. Together, let’s make this Christmas unforgettable for everyone, especially those in need.

Spreading Hope and Joy: The Heartwarming Story of Christmas Park

Christmas Park, founded by Robert Azdajic and his 18-year-old daughter Ruzica Azdajic in 2022, is a heartwarming charity event that aims to support families in need during the festive season. The initiative was inspired by Ruzica’s desire to help those facing hardship, particularly after learning of a family going through tragedy during Christmas. From a very young age, Ruzica has nurtured a deep desire to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Motivated by compassion and a sense of community, Robert and Ruzica embarked on this journey together, starting with a small village event that has now grown into a significant annual gathering. Their commitment to spreading joy and providing assistance to local families in Canberra remains unwavering, making Christmas Park a symbol of hope and generosity in the community.

Driven by a shared vision, Christmas Park continues to illuminate hearts and uplift spirits each year. Join us in spreading the holiday spirit and making a difference in the lives of families in need.

Robert Azdajic